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Specialises in tracing missing funds & identifying the assets of those responsible for their misappropriation.

Investigating the reasons for a loss with a view to litigation or settlement.

Conducting due diligence enquiries, for a variety of needs.




Trans National Research offers a specialised service for clients wishing to undertake due diligence and offers investigative assistance worldwide.  


TNR is a small and dedicated team drawn from a range of intelligence backgrounds.From our London office we offer a confidential consultancy service to a variety of clients, including: state organisations, banks and the wider regulated financial community, legal and financial representatives and blue-chip organisations.

We act for clients around the world, often in cases where there has been financial loss, or where funds are at risk due to the scheming of international fraudsters and this has recently predominated in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. But as the majority if our cases involve misappropriated funds being channelled through offshore centres and tax havens we have developed a specialism in these areas to expose the schemes and facilities used to conceal the assets of the major criminal fraternity.


Because most of our enquiries are conducted abroad we have assembled a group of tried, tested and trusted individuals who are strategically placed to provide the access and expertise to achieve positive results.

Background Investigations into companies and associated individuals.

Client confidentiality assured

Providing good sound advice to clients.

Track record of success, recovery of $150M to date.

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